The Charrette Team

Forty Simon Fraser University graduate students in the PDP Program—and two staff—gave their best during six days between 20 and 29 May 2011. What you see on this blog is the result of their effort. Some said, “I have never seen Vancouver this way before”; others described the charrette as an “experience”.

We would like to thank them for their resilience, and the spirit and talent that they brought to this work. We wish them well in their future careers as educators in schools throughout Canada. We don’t expect to find grade schoolers participating in full-blown urban design charrettes. Yet, we hope that the principles of sustainable urbanism will filter through into lesson plans.

No matter the age, we are all experts in building the city because we live in it and we use it everyday. We shape our cities, and our cities shape us. Civic governance ultimately stands or falls on having a responsive and educated community.

I personally thank them for their unrelenting and honest effort. I stand firm in my belief that the neighbourhoods they scrutinized will be better for their work.

© Lewis N. Villegas, Vancouver, June 2012.

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