The Quartier Street Types

Urban Spine 1 : 3

The Charrette recommends transportation implementation that will double trip capacity in the new urban spines, and street revitalization to enhance their social functioning. Transit implementation will mediate traffic volumes on the urban spine, while adding sufficient trip capacity to make possible the removal of commuter trips from local streets nearby. Public investment in transportation, and street revitalization combine with private sector intensification to produce the new street types in the quartier. The new public realm caters to transportation needs, and supports social functioning.

Street Types: The New Public Realm

Four street types are recommended for the Historic Quartiers.

1. Urban Spine

Streets like Main and Hastings should function as urban spines linking quartiers. Traffic volume on urban spines should not exceed VERY HEAVY volumes (20,000 ADT—average daily trips; multiple moving lanes, 2 lanes parking off-peak). Commuter trips removed from local streets will be absorbed by the added capacity provided on the urban spine by tranist implementation. In addition, some local trips will convert to walking, cycling, and transit.

New Arterial 1 : 4

2. The New Arterials

The new arterials combine high levels of performance in transportation, livability, and social mixing. Traffic volume on the New Arterials should be HEAVY (less than 20,000 ADT; 2 lanes moving, and 2 lanes parking off-peak). The introduction of local access lanes fronting residential, and separated by tree medians from centre lanes, has been shown to improve their livability to levels comparable to LIGHT streets (MacDonald & Bosselman, 1997).

3. Local Streets

Traffic volume on local streets should not disrupt social functioning, livability or the “sense of place”. It should be LIGHT to MEDIUM (10,000 ADT; 1 lane moving, 2 lanes parking).

 4. Lanes

Traffic volume on local lanes should be LIGHT (2,000 ADT; pedestrian priority space).

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