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Community Planning

Building Community Society of Greater Vancouver – The BCS has conducted workshops and scoping sessions around the need for a comprehensive Local Area Plan in the Downtown Eastside. See their informative Historic Area Height Review PDFs summarizing the work they’ve been doing and their letters to Vancouver City Council urging that no by-law changes be made by Planning until a comprehensive Local Area Plan is complete.

Carnegie  Community Action Project – CCAP has done extensive work mapping the Downtown Eastside with the low income community, interviewing hundreds of residents and developing a community vision report called “Assets to Action”.

Co-Design – The Co-Design Group is an informal association of architects based in Vancouver and Calgary who come together to conduct community workshops for the design of urban spaces. Founded in 1979 the group has conducted over 300 public design workshops mostly in the revitalization of inner-city areas and small towns throughout British Columbia and Alberta, including the Woodwards development charrette. See also the Co-Design team’s youth design blog, Youth Manual Blogspot.

Historic Area Height Review – The City of Vancouver Planning Department has been reviewing the height limits in Vancouver’s historic neighbourhoods and has recommended City Council adopt a number of by-law changes and relaxations to allow for tower rezonings in certain areas of the heritage district. There are links to the review’s background reports, consultation process, study area, and other information. In January 2011, Council deferred their decision on Planning’s proposed by-law changes until a Social Impact Assessment was completed.

LEED for Neighbourhood Development – LEED-ND integrates the principles of new urbanism, green building, and smart growth into the first national standard for neighborhood design, expanding LEED’s scope beyond individual buildings to a more holistic concern about the context of those buildings. The Congress for New Urbanism (CNU ) has partnered with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) to lay out a coordinated and powerful environmental strategy: sustainability at the scale of neighborhoods and communities. LEED-ND is a system for rating and certifying green neighborhoods.

National Charrette Institute – The urban design charrette method for planning in North America today was developed by Bill Lenertz, founder of the NCI in Portland, Oregon. The BC UN-RCE’s Charrette Lead, Lewis Villegas, practiced with Lennertz in Portland, Oregon and has conducted numerous charrettes under the NCI system.

Smart Growth on the Ground – SGOG has worked in four BC communities to implement a holistic approach to municipal planning, and has developed a Community Report Card to test the sustainability of communities.

Strathcona Residents’s Association: Website of neighbourhood community association.

Sustainable Neighbourhood Living – The SuNLiving protocol for comprehensive neighbourhood design is based on the National Charrette Institute System, but focuses explicitly on the sustainability of neighbourhoods.

Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia – Focused on funding and promoting research and public education about land-use issues and sustainable development.

Profile of the DTES – Former Vancouver Planning Director Ray Spaxman’s outline for action in the DTES.

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