Charrette Schedule

Historic Area Charrette Schedule: May 20-29, 2011

Friday May 20 – SFU Harbour Centre (HC) 1325 Asia Pacific Conference Room

• Introduction to Urban Environment and Historic Quartiers

• “City as a Living Organism” field experience

• Round table discussion

Saturday May 21 – SFU HC 2245 Lecture Room

• Historic Quartiers Walking tour

• Speaker: “Vancouver’s Chinatown” Joe Wai, Architect

• “The Urbanism in Vancouver’s Historic Quartiers” Slide Lecture/Introduction to the Charrette

• Round table: The experience of place

• “Making Streets Livable” Slide Lecture

• Mapping Streets in the Historic Quartiers

Sunday, May 22 – SFU HC 1325 Asia Pacific Conference Room

• “Built Form and Density” Slide Lecture

• Speaker: Trish Kelly, Vancouver Food Policy Council

• Student Survey of buildings in the Historic Quartiers

• Mapping “Built Form & Density”

• Task: “Identify a new Urban Room site in each quartier”

Friday May 27 – SFU HC 1315 Scotiabank Lecture Room     

• Speaker: Tanis Knowles, DTES City Planner

• “Plan of a square” slide lecture

• Stanley King & Susan Chung, Co-Design, Living Wall demonstration

Saturday May 28 – SFU HC 1315 Scotiabank Lecture Room     

• Guest Speaker: Jean Swanson, Carnagie Community Action Project

• “Urban Rooms and the Quartier” slide lecture

• Quartier Maps

• Design Urban Rooms

• Report on Residential Intensification numbers

• Charrette Dinner @ Foo’s Ho Ho, 102 East Pender St.

• Site photography: urban rooms

Sunday May 29 – SFU HC 1325 Asia Pacific Conference Room     

• “Transportation” slide lecture

• Walking Tour: student led

• Present Plans: Groups present their work

• Public Open House  (Teck Gallery, SFU Harbour Centre)


Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood Zoning Boundaries

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